Michael strikes back

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After the successful evening we enjoyed a couple of weeks ago, I am glad to see that Michael will be playing again on Friday Decembre 7th in the evening at the wine bar ORIGIN’Elles.

I shall unfortunately be in Germany at the time, but I am sure plenty of people will turn up.


September meeting

There is so much going on in September that I am unable to find a suitable time and place to organise one of our monthly meeting. So I guess it means the next get together will be in October.

Saying that, many of us are attending the “Oktoberfest” on Saturday September 29th. If you have nothing to do, just drop by in the afternoon. More info is available here. There are no longer seats available for the evening dinner, we have however a waiting list if you are interested. In any case, beer, wine, white sausage and bretzels are sold in the afternoon (5pm till 7.30pm) to the sound of the Bavarian Music Group. Worth a visit.

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Next reunion (4)

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July is certainly turning out to be an interesting month in Carcassonne. The weather has mostly been superb and there are plenty of celebrations going on.

The Festival, the “Fête Nationale” with yet again a great firework display, dare I mention the World Cup matches and win by the french team.

Still to come in a few days among other things is the Tour de France.

I know that many of us are on holidays or out of town but I would suggest we meet once more before August arrives.

Suggestion for the next meeting July 31st

Location is now agreed and namely “Le Verre d’Un”

Time 19h30